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OpenStreetMap Provider

For more options and configurations, see the OpenStreetMap Nominatim wiki.

import { OpenStreetMapProvider } from 'leaflet-geosearch';
const provider = new OpenStreetMapProvider();
// add to leaflet
import { GeoSearchControl } from 'leaflet-geosearch';
new GeoSearchControl({


Note that OpenStreetMap is open, but not free without limits. They do have a Usage Policy just like the other providers. Provide the email property to opt-in for authenticated requests.

const provider = new OpenStreetMapProvider({
params: {
email: 'john@example.com', // auth for large number of requests

Optional parameters

OpenStreetMap Nominatim supports a number of optional parameters. As the api requires those parameters to be added to the url, they can be added to the params key of the provider.

All options defined next to the params key, would have been added to the request body.

const provider = new OpenStreetMapProvider({
params: {
'accept-language': 'nl', // render results in Dutch
countrycodes: 'nl', // limit search results to the Netherlands
addressdetails: 1, // include additional address detail parts